methleys neighbourhood action

Methleys Neighbourhood Action is a voluntary resident's group formed in 1994. Its main aim is to re-develop the only public spaces in the community - the streets themselves. It all started because one resident was worried about the lack of facilities for children's play in the neighbourhood and took it upon herself to invite her neighbours round to her living room to talk about what could be done.

This is still very much the spirit of Methleys Neighbourhood Action. That something only gets done if someone gets some people together and makes it happen. The group prides itself on a minimum of bureaucracy but a lot of action. With about four 'core group meetings' a year to which everyone in the neighbourhood is invited, project teams form themselves around particular ideas and issues - everything from weeding the shrubbery to changing national policy on Home Zones!

So, if it is all about action, what has Methleys Neighbourhood Action actually achieved over the years? Read on...