life in the methleys

The red brick terraces were built in the Methleys in 1902. The yellow bricks a good while later. But then 'Methley Bottom' has been around for ages longer and didn't it all start off as bowling greens? And why is it called the Methleys? Nobody seems to know. Or maybe you do?

"The old terraced houses have been replaced now be delightful residences in the heart of 'Chapel Allerton Village' - which is odd because they're the same houses. The sweet factory is a garage, and the side where the rubble from the launderette used to lay provides the foundation for an entire block of tiny little yellow houses - alright if you like that sort of thing but not nearly so much fun to explore. The house prices have rocketed and we have traffic calming to look forward to, but for some of us this area will never be the amazing place that it was in my childhood."

And what's it like to live here now? Maybe you've got stories about growing up in the Methleys or just want to tell us what it's like in the here and now

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