Amaani moved in to her house on Methley Drive. The only thing she would happily live without is the wall of the school which, because of its height, adds to the gloominess of the back street. Before becoming a Muslim and a more 'private' person, she used to really enjoy going to Foxes nightclub, just around the corner.


Chapel Allerton School re-opened after being closed for over a year for building work. What was gained in classroom space was lost in playground, and there were a number of problems in the school with shiny walls and open plan classrooms causing accoustic problems for teachers.

A resident on Methley Place says that she feels that people in the area do not help each other. She also (along with most of the Methleys) doesn't like the amount of traffic around the school in the mornings and after school. Her best memory is the turf weekend, and her worst was of her next door neighbours having a party, with loud music playing all night long. She comments that there are many more younger people in the area now, and that it is noisier in general than it used to be.

Joan Jeffrey moved into Methley Drive in February. She recalls that it was cold and that there was nobody about in the streets. She kept herself to herself until the weather got better, when someone from Methley Terrace came to introduce themselves to her.

She especially enjoys Summer's in the Methley's, watching the children playing out together, and joining in with them when she feels like it.

Emile Sinclair and his family moved in to Methley Mount. His earliest memory is going to Chapel Allerton Primary, he says it was better than High school. His best memory was being chosen to play for Leeds City Boys football team. The only thing he doesn't like is that he can't play football in the Methleys much, because the houses and cars make it difficult and he might break a window. He and his friends play on Zermatt Street or Scott Hall Fields.

Karen from Methley Mount's worst memory is of her son being run over, although he's fine now.

Dave Gadd moved into Methley Place in 91, his partner Theresa O'Sullivan joined him in 93. They loved the house, which they say gets lots of light and has lots of big rooms. Dave's worst memory was of sitting in the lounge in a state of shock because a friend, a hardened bachelor, from Ireland had called and asked Dave to be best man at his forthcoming wedding. Slowly Dave began to notice that there was water pouring through the window frame. When he stood up he realised that the carpet was sodden. It turned out that the gutter had broken.

Thalia moved into Methley Place. She recalls that when she arrived to move in a new neighbour was already digging over her overgrown garden for her. Of all the events and activities she has enjoyed, Thalia's favourite is Neighbourly Nosh - where she first really got to know her new neighbours.


Irene moved in to Potternewton Lane. She remembers that her new neighbours baked a cake and the whole family signed a card, which had the names and ages of all the children on it.

Leslie moved to "Methley Bottom" from San Francisco. She says it took a while to get used to the weather, but the neigbourhood is great.


Dee and Tim Earnshaw moved into Potternewton Lane. Unfortunately, Dee's father died very soon after the move but within weeks Dee brought her first child Georgia home from the hospital. A very stressful and emotive time for the family.

Sheila Duxbury moved into the Methleys. She particularly enjoyed the 'lively' feel of the place, and the 'mish mash' of people and houses.

Irene's worst memory was of the guard dogs at the garage next door - especially the smell.


Dee Earnshaw enjoys the memory of her first Summer in the area, gathering cherries in the garden with her children.

In 'lower' Methley Place a couple who moved in in 95 stated that their best memory was of the Salsa night on Methley Place and Zermatt street.

Janet of Methley Mount says her worst memory was of Harry Ramsden's greengrocer's closing down. She misses him.

Lou & Ian (plus Lloyd, Michael, Aaron and Jacob) moved up to Methley Drive. They had checked out a few areas, including Headingley and Hyde Park. Their best memory, yet to come was of turfing the street - and their son won the Sunflower competition. They particularly like the fact that the Methley's is a multi-cultural area and that there are lots of kids and big families. They were pleased that their adopted sons were readily accepted by the local children.

Amanda of Methley Terrace says the gardens are not big enough but the community is nice. She loved the turfing of the street and Film on the Wall. She feels that Methley Terrace is the most active street in the Methleys. Her flatmate most enjoyed the Channel 4 filming, giving something up for the millennium.

Hesta(10) of Methley Place says her earliest memory of living in the Methleys was learning to ride her bike on School Lane. Her favourite memory was of the Talent shows held in 1997 and 1998.

Another resident of Methley Drive, who moved in in 95, says that new neighbours moved in when her daughter Lisa was 8 years old. Lisa introduced herself as a 'nosey parker', and the families have been good friends ever since.


Upper Methley Terrace was turfed. Loads of residents say that this was their best memory of living in the area.

Susan Jeffries moved into Methley Terrace. She says she was born in the Henconners, so it was great to move back into the area, close to her mother and sisters. Her earliest memory was of going to Chapel Allerton Primary, which has changed a lot.

Brian Diggle moved into Methley Grove. His best memory was the day he made an offer on the house. [Good move, Brian! - Ed.]

A resident of lower Methley Place who has lived here for 2 years says that it is her first house. She enjoys the fact that there are lots of people around and thinks that it is a safe environment. She says it is the friendliest street she has ever lived in and that she would advise anyone to come and live here.


Nigel Smith moved into Methley Place. His best memory was of 'good parties'. Apparently on the night of his stag party naked men ran amok in the street - and it was October!

Lynne White's worst memory is of her father dying in 1997.

Sue moved in to her new home on Methley Grove. She was looking for somewhere in Chapel Allerton, but particularly liked the School Lane end of Methley Grove because it was so green (in the leafy sense). She was pleased that her new neighbours came round to introduce themselves, and that the people were so friendly.

Her best memory, shared with many residents, was of 'the day they turfed the street'. She says it was 'a brilliant idea', and that it was lovely to see how much everybody, particularly the children, enjoyed the experience.

Jenny Oliver's worst memory - the day the Carlton Brotherton Trust (the top half of Methley Place) houses were sold, and people started having to move out because they could no longer afford to live in the area.

A resident of Methley Drive moved in in 1997, and says that he likes the area, and is aware of what's going on. There is a good community feel and he thinks the place is unique. He particularly likes the good mix of people, the amenities and the Festival. On the downside he has been the victim of an attempted burglary, and was disappointed that she was not warned about the likelihood of this.


Nigel Smith's new wife moved in. As an architect she was amazed at the 'economical use of space' and noticed that houses like these only appeared in the North of England. She had never been inside a back-to-back before!

Both Nigel and his wife said that they really like the 'friendliness' of the Methleys.

1998 saw the demise of the Mexborough and Foxes nightclub - (now The Three Hullatts).

Jo moved into Methley Place. She recalls moving in, and that she loved the amount of sky she could see, and looking out of her attic she can see the University clock. She had moved from an area of Harehills where her upward view was only rooftops.

Her worst memory of living here was of having her bike, and a cast iron bench(!) stolen from her yard. However, she likes the street and loves being able to watch her son play out with the 'other little people'.

A resident moved into Zermatt Street and likes the 'community spirit'. She plans to stay.

Joan Jeffrey was burgled. Her outside door was smashed down, and all the internal doors were kicked in. She says she is now afraid every time she hears banging or crashing - which happens all the time as her neighbours have 6 children.

Dave and Theresa brought their son Aidan (born August 8th) home from the hospital to live in Methley Place.

Dave Williams says his worst memory was of the 'viciousness and intolerance' surrounding the topic of the potential Millennium Garden.

The Methleys Fish and Chip shop closed down. 'The Methleys Fishery' was once so popular it attracted customers from as far afield as Headingley.


The death of a much-loved resident of upper Methley Place was, and still is, a cause of grief for many people in the area.

1999 also saw the phoenix-like emergence of the Mexborough as The Three Hullatts, which officially opened on St Patricks Day as a Wetherspoons pub with all day food. Many locals, however, still miss the old and rather scruffy Mexborough, with it's real flame gas fire and warm, welcoming atmosphere. [The Thursday night quiz was a good laugh too! ... Ed.]

Amanda of Methley Terrace says she did become worried after the shooting at the Shoulder of Mutton, she felt this might be the beginning of something bad.

Nigel and Anita Smith's worst memory was in 1999 - their cat was run over outside the house. Poor little sausage.

Regan Dickinson moved in to Methley Place. His earliest memory of the area was seeing his new home for the first time - he was shocked at the rent, and wanted to turn the house into a palace. He subsequently bought the house, and says that his best memory is of the satisfaction of finishing his first room.

Regan's worst memory is of the night a neighbour's house was burgled. He says that he heard loads of noise but did nothing about it.

Sunita moved in to Zermatt Street. She bought the house after seeing it up for sale whilst visiting a friend in the Methleys. She likes the area, and the fact that there is a lot of community spirit - everyone seems to know each other. She likes the events, particularly Film on the Wall. Her worst memory was when a friend called round to visit her, and when he went back out his car windows had been smashed.

Lissa Beckitt also moved into Methley Place in 99. Her first impression was that she liked her neighbours, and her best memory is of the water fights in the street over the Summer where children, adults and pensioners all joined in.

Margaret Wrighton is saddened that people in Methley Place have left and died. Overall though, she has been very happy here and likes the area particularly because it is so convenient for everything, particularly schools and shops.