Tony from Methley Mount moved in. The first night that he moved in he went to Foxes 'to see what the crack was'.

A resident of Methley Terrace moved in, in order to be closer to work (Chapel Allerton Hospital). He says the area is good for older people because of the amenities Chapel Allerton has to offer. He doesn't like the rubbish and dog dirt, or the loud music, and he doesn't like to see bins left out on the street.


Tony from Methley Mount (see above!) got married and carried his wife over the threshhold. [So that's what goes on at Foxes! Ed.] Unfortunately his kitten got run over in the same year.

Dave Williams bought his house in Zermatt Street. He recalls that he had been to view the house next door when he noticed the Zermatt Street house. He liked it better than the one he had just viewed, and has enjoyed living there.

Siobhan Oliver, then aged 18, was allocated a Council house on Methley View. Her best memories were the nights in her new house. All her friends still lived with parents - and now they had somewhere to meet where they could do what they liked. The house-warming was the talk of the street for some weeks afterwards, with over a hundred people showing up at the 3 bed back-to-back for an all night party.

Jane and Steve Ramsay moved into Methley Place. Steven recalls thet his first impression was of how small the gardens were.


Dave and Angie Boland's car was stolen from outside their home, and was later found wrecked in a beck.

Sylvia moved into Zermatt Street. She says it used to be a street for older people, but most have now died - there are much younger people in the street now. She says the best thing about the street is that it's quiet. Her worst experience was yet to come - her husband died in 1999.


Jane and Steve had their first baby - David.


Anna Stewart was born in January and was brought home to Methley View. The weather was absolutely freezing - the worst winter in many years. The bad Winters continued for the next 4 years.

Janet remembers that in 1986 the saddlers (next to the chip shop) became a cobblers. Her best memory was of her wedding day. She was walking to the church and called in at the Post Office to pick up her Child Benefit. The cashier asked if she was going anywhere special!


Ben Stewart was born - raising the number of children in Methley View to 19. Naomi Ramsey was also born, bringing the total number of children in lower Methley Place to 4! Jane Ramsey says that most of the houses in the street were occupied by single elderly women.


In the Winter of 88/89 all the children had to walk or be pulled in sledges because it was impossible to push a buggy through the snow!

Cathy moved into Methley Lane. She liked the area because it was so quiet. She says she hasn't had any bad experiences of living here.

A resident of Methley Terrace who moved in in 1981 says her worst experience was moving in at all, she hates it here, and her best experience will be when she moves out!


All the tenancies in Methley Place apart from the one belonging to the school (for the caretaker), belonged to the Carlton Brotherton trust and were lifelong tenancies, so that tenants could leave their houses to dependents. In January the law changed, and shorthold tenancies became the norm.