Many residents remember the large numbers of children living in the area in the 70's - [The 'baby boom' of 1964 probably helped - Ed.] Ann of Methley Place comments that all the children looked out for one another, and that arguments were always short-lived.

Karen moved in to Methley Mount with her mother on Bonfire Night. She later moved into another house in the Methleys, which caught fire, and she now lives in her third Methleys home!

In the early 70's locals witnessed the move of Grandways to it's new site, now Safeways. Margaret Wrighton and other residents were soon campaigning to have bollards put up across school lane, as lorries delivering to the supermarket would use Methley Place as an exit route.

Mrs MacKay was furious when the old Grandways moved, because, she says, a large house and some lovely cottages were pulled down to make the car park.

Margaret Wrighton also recalls the 'roundabout' opposite Safeways being built, and the willow tree being planted. She says when it was planted it was 'just a twig'!

Fact: In 1970 a bag of chips from the Methleys Fishery cost 6d.


Another local 'play area' [wasteground!] was at the bottom of Zermatt Street, where the housing association flats now stand. This particular bit of land had a short but ridiculously steep path (for want of a better word] leading down to it. Any child who could ride a bike was expected to prove themselves by free-wheeling down the path and onto the wasteground. Many a young knee was all but removed in the 70's, thanks to the ownership of Chippers and Choppers, and that particular rocky slope. Once again, yearly bonfires were held on the site. It is emerging that bonfire night was the biggest community event in the Methleys for many many years ...


Steven Birmingham's worst memory of the Methleys took place in a friend's garden on Methley Terrace. Aged 10, Steven and friend (Jonathon Albus) decided to dig an enormous hole in the garden. Whilst Steven stood in the pit, Jonathon threw down the garden fork, which went straight through Steven's hand. He still has the scars to prove it!

Lynne Wrighton's worst memory : a friend told her that her (the friend's) mother had died. Lynne didn't believe her, but sadly it was true.


The hottest Summer recorded in 100 years caused a number of problems - not least that the reservoirs dried up. Stand-pipes were set up in the road, and water had to be collected in bowls and buckets. The children found it all very exciting - the adults were not so enamoured of the arrangements.

A resident of Methley Lane moved in, and says he particularly enjoyed the fact that it was a good area, nice and quiet. He says these days it is not so quiet, there is a lot of noise from drunks after the pubs close, cutting along Methley Lane. There are also noisy parties in Methley Lane these days.


Dave and Angie Boland moved into the Methleys - Angie says it was much the same as it is now, apart from the fact that there were a lot more families with young children in the area. She recalls that the shop next to Bill's Fish'n'Chip Shop (The Methleys Fishery) sold sweets and cigs. She likes the convenience of the Methleys for shops, schools, banks etc. although she thinks the sense of community is not as strong as it was in the 70's.

A number of residents, including Lynne White of Methley Drive and Karen of Methley Mount, recall the street parties held for the Queen's Silver Jubilee as amongst their best memories. Almost everybody took part, along with the rest of the nation!..


Janet of Methley Mount first moved into the Methleys, in Methley Drive.