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the methleys home zone launch

So the Home Zone was launched in the Methleys on MayDay - Monday May 6th 2002. It was actually finished by the end of 2001, but with 7 shrubberies and 18 new trees planted, we wanted to wait until all the green stuff had a chance to show itself.

Home Zone Plaque Of course the sun decided to stay away for most of the day - but it was fine enough not to dampen people's spirits. From the Methleys Bits and Bobs sale in the morning through an afternoon featuring Morris Men and Bagpipers, the MayDay games and Peanut the Clown and all topped of with live music and a screening of Shrek on the Methleys very own Screen on the Wall.

It certainly was one of those very special Methleys Days to remember. The ribbon was cut to officially open the Home Zone by Rowan - the Methleys youngest resident - only 8 days old (with a little help from his dad, Doc).

Time to get on and enjoy our very own home zone...


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Pipes to begin, Methleys residents get ready to launch balloons, Rowan officially opens the Home Zone (with help from dad, Doc), the Methleys plaques are unveiled...


Face painting and hat making...


Peanut the Clown, Make-A-Circus, the Kids' parade, juggling...


Neighbourly Nosh, Jonas gets a web page, movie making...


The Maypole,Tug-of-war, and Scooter Race....


Jas isn't sure about the Morris Dancers, Erin tells it like it is in the kids' play.



Residents open their doors to Home Zone
Yorkshire Evening Post
Tuesday, 7 May 2002, 11:32 AM
By Nick Ahad

THE Methleys Home Zone - an area where pedestrians hold the power over traffic - was officially launched on Bank Holiday Monday.

Home Zones are residential neighbourhoods where lower traffic speeds exist and there is a change in priority towards pedestrians and cyclists.

The idea is to move away from the dominance of cars on the streets outside our front door and make them more accessible for community use.

The Methleys, at Chapel Allerton, has taken much of its inspiration from established Home Zones in other countries such as Holland and Germany.


In 1999, the Government recognised the value of designating residential areas as different from normal roads, and chose the Methleys as one of nine national pilot Home Zone schemes.

The street was turfed by people from the neighbourhood in 1996, and on Monday the 17 trees and nine permanent flowerbeds planted back then will be unveiled.

Methleys Neighbourhood Action (MNA) is the residents group which came together to make the Home Zone a reality.

MNA member Paul Doney said: "It has been a very successful partnership with the Highways Department, with both sides learning from each other. "We could not have achieved what we have today without their support, but equally they could not have done a scheme like this without a co-operative community."

The launch on Monday will be the culmination of a number of years of street activity organised by the community.

Residents have taken their sofas outside to watch a movie in the street as well as taking part in making their own films, broadcast their own radio station and turfed the street for a weekend.

All these events were designed to bring the community together and work towards making the Methleys a better place to live.

Louise McCoy, a resident at the Methleys, said: "When I first moved here, I didn't know many people but after a while, I started to get involved with some of the activities and now I know all my neighbours by first name.

"Everyone has had a chance to get involved with the Home Zone design, so now we all feel really proud of it.

"It's great, and the street looks beautiful with all the trees and plants."

Also being unveiled at the launch are individually carved bricks in the road.

They have been made by residents of all ages working with an artist, and will remain forever as a reminder of their involvement with the Home Zone.

Greening of the streets still not quite in the bag
Martin Wainwright

Tuesday May 7, 2002

Neighbours who triggered a housing revolution by turning their street into a lawn launched a campaign yesterday for Britain's first "pedestrian priority" suburb.

Balloons, dancing and a late-night movie marked the start of the latest idea from the people of the Methleys - a grid of 12 Leeds streets which have been partly converted into a children's playground and park.

Residents celebrated the official opening of their Home Zone, the biggest of nine pilot projects agreed by the government after the temporary turfing of the streets in 1996. But they warned that the greening of the area, which is to be followed by over 50 similar projects, is still at risk.

"We need pedestrian priority over cars throughout the zone and legislation to allow lower speed limits," said Linda Strudwick, of the Methleys Neighbourhood Action Group. "At the moment, you can't make it lower than 20mph (the limit for all Home Zones) but that's too fast in a small, compact area like this, where people are being encouraged into the street.

"That's what we're going for now, and we expect other Home Zones across the country to join us. They have much lower limits in Holland and Germany, where the Home Zone idea began."

Home Zones have been given the green light by the government after the success of the nine pilots, which include streets in Greater Manchester and London. Urban neighbourhoods without gardens can apply for the status, which brings grants for planting, partial road closures and ornamental brickwork.


What happened on the day.

yard sale
10.30am -12pm Clear out all those unwanted items and bring them to Zermatt Street/Methley Place and get them sold.
on the Drive from two to five ...

All events on Methley Drive starting at 2pm when you can get your hats on and your balloons ready for...

2.30pm The Grand Opening of the Home Zone and Balloon Launch
2.45pm Neighbourly Nosh cafe opens on the street.Food and drink all afternoon with a special offer for our younger residents -bring your teddy bears for a picnic and you get a free bun and juice Entertainment from the Leeds Morris Men Circus skills all afternoon with Peanut the Clown Take a photo,write something and get it online on the Methleys website
3.00pm Maypole Dancing -a traditional participatory activity (anyone know any moves?)
3.30pm Boraston/Phil Steele Quartet The MayDay Games -a range of somewhat competitive activities including scooter racing,three legged races and spud and spoon (well the eggs break too easily!)
4.00pm Art work opening -following on from the very popular stamped bricks in the circles,artist Ailsa Magnus will be present for the latest addition to the Methleys Home Zone -a series of carved brick plaques for the gable ends -based on work done with residents in workshops last summer
4.10pm A specially devised play by some of the children
4.15pm Leeds Morris Men The MayDay Games Part 2 -Sack races and tug of war
4.40pm Wind down with a bit of music from Tim and Maria
4.50pm Closing performance with Peanut the Clown
screen on the wall to end it all ...

Down to Zermatt Street for the evening 's entertainment -bring a chair and something to cook on the barbecue

7.30pm "Limited Addiction" A girl band with attitude and roots in the Methleys followed by more live music from "Celtic Therapy"
9.00pm Shrek -the movie