Back in 1995 when Methleys Neighbourhood Action started consulting with residents about what improvements could be made in the Methleys, no-one had heard the term "Home Zone". But what was clear was that everyone wanted to look at how to make the streets better places for people to be. The concept of a residential neighbourhood with pedestrian priority - a Home Zone - was one that we decided to work towards back in 1996. All that was needed was a change in government policy and some new legislation.

Well the policy has changed. The Methleys is now a Home Zone - one of the nine neighbourhoods that were in the original government sponsored pilot scheme.

And earlier this year the next sixty one schemes were announced as part of the Home Zones Challenge - yes you could say we've started a bit of a trend.

Things are moving apace - both locally and nationally. And don't forget to click the plan above for a larger view of what's happened in the Methleys.