Things went seriously into overdrive in 1996. It was all quite simple really. Thinking about how to inspire people's imagination, what about turning a street into a village green for a weekend. So just lay eight hundred square metres of turf on the street, water well, sit back and see what happens. And it certainly happened. From the Methleys Olympics to tai chi on the turf to a Bavarian Oompah band ... anything seemed possible. When someone turned up on the Sunday with a couple of ponies and started rides for the kids up and down the turf, no-one batted an eyelid! There were tears though when we sold it off at the end of the weekend, people taking a few square metres for their gardens. But one thing's for sure, anyone who was there, will never forget the weekend Methley Terrace turned green.

The Times did a great article on the project, and Methleys' residents Steve and Sarah wrote an article for that winter's Methleys Newsletter.